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Internet Privacy Policy

We are committed to high ethical standards in our business operations. We recognize and respect our clients expectations of privacy and confidentiality. We will not share or disclose any non-public or confidential information to any persons or organizations except as may be required in the fulfillment of a project, or if information is requested by law enforcement as part of a criminal investigation. This policy is designed to specifically prevent the intrusion upon our clients from unsolicited, third-party contact such as spam, phone solicitations and other sales or marketing efforts. Additionally, your information is protected by all applicable laws, and HIIPA requirements.

We are responsible for the content on only our website. Our website may provide links to external web pages that are owned and managed by parties not affilliated with our company. We are not responsible for any content on said websites or activity conducted on or from the visitation of these websites. Visitors to any website should read any available privacy policy before providing information or executing downloads. If any of our linkā€“to sites are believed to be offensive please report the site in question to our business office for review, and possible action.