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Industrial Medicine & Corporate Wellness

Industrial Medicine Physical Therapy Our Industrial Medicine Program is designed to provide the physical therapy services and treatments that promote optimum patient recovery and affect a rapid return to work. This program can minimize the time out on disability and lost productivity. Additionally our program can help patients, employers, case managers,and insurance companies attain the best possible outcome for everyone. Looking forward our patient education process can enable workers to avoid re-injury by understanding body mechanics and ergonomic best practices. Our Industrial Medicine Program focuses on these areas

Work Conditioning & Hardening, is a customized therapy program utilizing physical conditioning exercises wth work simulation of activities similar to the patients occupational situation. Focusing on cardio vascular fitness, strength, mobility, and flexibility the program is designed to develop physical conditioning, educate the patient on body mechanics, and advise the patient on ways to prevent reinjury.

FCE, Functional Capacity Evaluation, in a single office visit our therapists will complete standardized tests to assess the extent of dysfunction in musculoskeletal functions and, in relation to occupational requirements, establish vocational rehab needs and determine any work limitations. This process will set the benchmark for the work reconditioning program and ultimately drive the type and extent of the customized therapy program. Extended FCE are available for unique situations where a deeper understanding is required.

Work Rehab Program that promote employee health, increase the safe return to work, minimize expenses to employers and insurance companies while working in harmony with case manager and/or physicians. This program is the core service at CIPT which is a customized program developed after completing a thorough patient evaluation.

Onsite Job Analysis, is an ergonomic assessment of a specific task or physical work process to consider ways to minimize employee risk while completing the tasks or process. Attributes considered include repetition, frequency, and physical demand required by the employee. This analysis can include the demands on the individual employee, the conditions of the work station, environmental situations, and atmospheric exposure.

Pre-Placement Screening, protects employer interests by identifying existing, or highly probable, physical dysfunctions that may become exacerbated by the proposed work assignment thereby generating a workers' compensation claim and placing a burden on the employer organization.