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Physical Therapy Clinic in Canton, Georgia

Customized physical therapy treatment & services for optimal results

Canton Institute for Physical Therapy in Canton GAAt the Canton Institute For Physical Therapy, our number one priority is the patient. We provide one-on-one treatment with a hands-on approach. Our goal is to provide the highest quality therapy through individualized treatment plans and patient education. We provide physical therapy services for all types of muscular, joint and related physical injuries.

Our physical therapy services are offered as specialized areas of service with treatment programs that are customized for your particular condition. Our physical therapists utilize a one-on-one approach to provide the best possible care as you progress through therapy program at your own pace. Although we provide comprehensive physical therapy services, our physical therapy treatments generally fall into the categories of Industrial Medicine, Sports Medicine or General Physical Therapy services for age or life experience related injuries.

Physical Therapy Clinic Canton GAWhether you have a minor sprain from your favorite sport, a serious work injury, an accident related injury, or physical problems caused by age, disease or other natural conditions our physical therapists are here to help restore you to the best possible condition.

We routinely provide physical therapy for occupational injuries, sports injuries, orthopedic disabilities, and general life ailments. One of our goals is to make each of your physical therapy treatments to be a pleasant experience that move you through an effective recovery and rehabilitation process.

Our patients have always had good things to say about our clinic and we are sharing some patient testimonials our site. Please stop by or call us today to discuss how our physical therapists can help you with professional physical therapy services.

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill We are one of the few physical therapy clinics in the state of Georgia that offers the new Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

With the AlterG the science of healing and art of training merge to speed your recovery. Call us to learn more about this innovative technology.